Chef Shonah Chalmers B.Sc., CCC - President

Chef   Shonah   Chalmers ,   an   honors   graduate   of   the   Culinary   Management   program   at   Humber College,   Chef   Shonah   also   completed   a   Japanese   Studies   Certificate   and   was   the   recipient   of notable   Presidents   letter.   Over   years   of   cooking,   she   has   acquired   her   Red   Seal   and   CCC (Certified   Chef   de   Cuisine).       THe   Chef   believes   in   a   life   long   journey   of   learning   in   the   culinary world   and   is   very   proud   to   have   also   recently   graduated   from   the   Culinary   Operations   degree program at Holland College in 2014. Her    culinary    career    has    been    working    with    some    of    the    city’s    top    chefs    at    fine    dining establishments   such   as   the   Rosewater   Supper   Club,   Winston’s,   Accolade,   Crown   Plaza   Hotel and   Noce   Restaurant.   Shonah   has   also   helped   run   a   successful   catering   company   in   Toronto. Her   most   recent   position   was   as   Executive   Chef   at   Eagles   Nest   Golf   Club   and   Lago   restaurant before    attaining    a    full-time    position    at    Humber    as    a    Culinary    Professor    and    later    Program Coordinator. Chef   Shonah   is   an   active   member   of   the   CCFCC   Toronto   /   Escoffier   Society   and   has   held   the positions   of   Secretary,   1st   Vice   President   and   now   President   within   the   Branch.   Giving   back   to the   culinary   world   is   a   key   aspiration   in   her   daily   decisions   evidenced   by   the   community   and global   events   she   is   often   a   part   of.   Chef   Shonah   was   humbled   to   be   acknowledged   as   Chef   of the Year for the Central Region of Canada in 2014 for the CCFCC in Outaouais, Quebec.
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Chef Cornelia Volino - Chair

Chef   Cornelia   Volino    is   the   Chairman   of   the   Board,   immediate   Past   President   and   Co- Chairman of the Toronto Culinary Salon. Amongst her many culinary accomplishments Twice CCFCC National President WACS Continental Director of the Americas Team   Leader   of   the   Toronto   and   Canadian   Team   to   the   World   Chefs   Tour   Against Hunger Chairman of the International Culinary Exchange Program CCFCC Marketing Manager Chairman of the Worldchefs Congress Bid 2018 Currently Manager of CCFCC Bocuse d'Or Canada Committee member of the World Chefs Without Borders WACS approved Judge.
Our Executive Membership

Chef Greg Howe CCC - Secretary

Greg Howe  is a Humber College Culinary Management Graduate with Honours. He   is   a   recipient   of   the   Humber   College   Board   of   Governor’s   Achievement   Award   as   well   as   the Bronze Medallist at CCFCC National Junior Qualifier. Greg   has   over   20   years   of   experience   within   the   Hospitality   industry,   specializing   in   large   catering events.   Over   the   years   he   owned   a   catering   company   specializing   in   Film   and   Concert   catering and   was   involved   in   Tour   Catering   within   the   entertainment   industry   for   “A”   List   musicians   and celebrities such as the Rolling Stones, U2, Blue Rodeo just to name a few. He   was   also   involved   in   Men’s   and   Women’s   Canadian   Open   Golf   Championships   while   at Compass Group Canada. Completed traineeships at King Edward Hotel, Scaramouche and CLS Catering.

Chef Mitchell Lash - Treasurer

Chef   Mitchell   Lash    was   born   and   raised   in   Montreal   Quebec.   He   moved   to   Toronto   where   he originally    pursued    a    career    in    computer    programming,    however    soon    discovered    he    had    a passion for cooking and has made it his career. Chef   Lash   apprenticed   at   the   Prince   Hotel   and   has   worked   at   the   Four   Season's   Inn   on   the   Park and   other   major   hotels   in   Toronto   including   the   Holiday   Inn   Yorkdale,   Sheraton   Parkway   North Convention   Centre,   and   was   the   Conference   Centre   Chef   at   the   Hilton   Suites   Markham.   Moving his   career   away   from   hotels   and   restaurants   Chef   Lash   took   on   the   challenge   of   becoming Executive    Chef    for    a    5    star    early    retirement    living    community,    where    he    has    adopted    the philosophy   that   at   any   age,   young   or   old,   one   can   enjoy   the   finer   things   in   life   and   that   is "Fantastic Food". In   2008   Chef   Lash   became   a   part-time   Professor   at   Humber   College   where   he   loves   to   teach   the next   generation   of   great   and   aspiring   Chefs.   In   2011   Chef   Lash   received   his   Canadian   "Chef   de Cuisine" certification and is an active member in the Toronto Escoffier Society since 1995.
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Chef Warren Ford CCC, B.Comm., MBA - 1st Vice President

Chef   Warren   Ford   is   a   committed   Culinary   Professional,   Professor   &   Business   Owner.   Chef Warren   is   a   Professor   of   Culinary   Arts   at   George   Brown   College,   having   also   previously   been   a Culinary and Hospitality Professor / Instructor at Durham College and Centennial College. The   Chef   is   also   the   Founder/Owner   of   the   Upscale   Private   Chef   and   Catering   Company;   In Your Kitchen   Culinary.   The   company   provides   a   Personal   Chef   and   Catering   service   offering   upscale restaurant   dining   experiences   in   the   comfort   of   the   customers   own   home.   Specialties   include private   dinner   parties   and   small   intimate   gatherings   as   well   as   other   services   such   private cooking lessons or in home meal solutions. Chef    Warren    is    a    B.Comm    graduate    of    Ryerson    University    and    an    MBA    from    Columbus University.
Chef Warren Ford
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Chef Tony Fernandes - Director of Culinary Competitions

Chef    Tony    Fernandes     is    a    graduate    from    Institute    of    Hospitality    Management,    Catering Technology   &   Applied   Nutrition,   Mumbai,   India.   Chef   Tony   has   organized   and   judged   various culinary   competitions   as   a   WACS Approved   International   Culinary   Judge   –   Level A.   In   2012,   Chef Tony   was   asked   to   sit   on   the   Global   Advisory   Committee   for   The   Canadian   Tourism   Human Resource   Council   as   an   industry   expert.   There   he   helped   develop   the   Food   and   Beverage Management International Competency Standard and Certification. In   2015,   Chef   Tony   was   honoured   by   peers   and   the   Canadian   Culinary   Federation   of   Canada   as Central    Region    Chef    of    the   Year.    Chef   Tony    is    a    Worldchefs    Master    Chef    and    Worldchefs Certified    Executive    Chef,    as    well    as    a    Master    Craftsman    of    the    UK’s    Cookery    and    Food Association.   He   is   also   an   honorary   lifetime   member   of   the   Emirates   Culinary   Guild   as   their   Vice President.   Known   for   his   ability   to   fuse   global   flavours   with   top   quality   foods,   Chef   Tony   is   proud to   be   the   Executive   Chef   and   F&B   Director   for   Crowne   Plaza   Toronto   Airport,   Canada,   owned and operated by Manga Hotels Group.
Chef Tony Fernandes